About Us

The Maryland Two-Cylinder Club was formed in 1990.   Jon Anderson and Bob Gladhill had been friends for many years and they convened, along with their wives, on February 8, 1990 at the Four Seasons Restaurant in Mt. Airy to complete the plans for the club.  They sent out a letter to 93 Maryland members of the Two-Cylinder Worldwide Club.  They thought these members would possibly be interested in joining a new club, a Maryland Regional Chapter of Two-Cylinder Worldwide.  The letter announced a kick-off meeting at Gladhill Brothers, when it was still located at 9913 Lewis Drive in Damascus, for March 6, 1990.  There were 36 original (Charter) members.  Some have passed away, some have moved away, and many are still current members. 

The first officers were Jon Anderson as president, Grant Hill as VP, Bob Delauder as Secretary and Bob Gladhill as treasurer.  Wally Boston was the first Program Coordinator.  

Since those early beginnings, the Maryland Two-Cylinder Club has attracted like-minded collectors, restorers, and admirers of these antique farm machines.  If you would like more information on becoming a member, follow the Membership link.